Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 appears to be the tease

With Galaxy Unpacked 2020 just around the corner, Samsung continues to tease its upcoming products ahead of the event on social media – the latest appears to be the Galaxy Fold 2.

“One fold, infinite possibilities. Unpacked August 5, 2020,” the company tweeted on Sunday, along with a video.

There has been some speculation around whether Samsung will include the new Fold in what could already be an extensive list of product announcements. So far we’ve seen leaks for the Note 20 Ultra, Galaxy Tab S7+, “Galaxy Beans” earbuds, and the Galaxy Z Flip 5G.

The tweet also comes just days after well-known leaker Max Weinbach tweeted that the Fold 2 announcement is indeed set for October. This was in response to his original tweet which claimed that the Fold 2 would not be unveiled at 2020’s Unpacked.

But Samsung is indicating otherwise. The second generation version will arrive a year after the release of the original Galaxy Fold.

Of course, the specs are still very much up in the air. But Ross Young, founder and CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants, had an idea of ​​what to expect from April.

after korean publication ETNews(opens in a new tab) Galaxy Fold 2 specs were confirmed in June, with Young taking to Twitter to post screenshots of the alleged specs.

According to his tweets, the Fold 2 could have a bigger 7.5-inch display on the inside, compared to the 7.3-inch display of the original. The front display on the Fold 2 could also be larger, at 6.23 inches, compared to the much smaller 4.3-inch cover on its predecessor.

Additionally, the Fold 2 could come with a 120Hz refresh rate, which is great considering Samsung’s S20 lineup, announced back in February, also comes with that feature.

Judging by Samsung’s promotional videos, it will also likely come in a “Mystic Bronze” colour, which the company has apparently chosen as a general theme for its hardware lineup.

As for the price, the Fold 2 may actually be cheaper than the 2019 model – even with the upgrades.

Instead of the Fold’s costlier $1,980, the Fold 2 could only set you back $1880. Sure, it’s still expensive, but perhaps the lower price will entice more people to invest in the device.

However, it looks like it won’t come with the S Pen, so those of you looking forward to it may have to opt for the Note 20 Ultra instead. While Young’s tweet claimed that the Fold 2 would feature the accessory, he confirmed by June that Samsung would no longer be involved.

This also confirms a report in another Korean publication known as Election. According to sources speaking to the site, Samsung tried to think of different ways to house the stylus within the device, but eventually, decided to drop the idea for the 2021 model.

Samsung would be wise to be extra careful with the Fold 2’s durability. I mean, we all remember #FoldGate, right? You know, the time when a bunch of tech journalists briefly ran into issues like a cracked display and a peeling protective layer while reviewing the phone.

According to one more tweet(opens in a new tab) According to Young, the Fold 2 could feature Samsung’s Ultra Thin Glass (UTG), as shown on the Galaxy Z Flip. This should obviously be more durable than the glass on the original Fold.

While I didn’t have any issues with the display while using the Z Flip, I didn’t get a chance to spend more than 24 hours with it. But it’s safe to say that the phone didn’t experience the same disastrous launch as the Fold.

Of course, it looks like we’ll have to wait and see what happens with the Fold 2. Let’s hope Samsung gets it right the second time around.

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