Save up to 24% on cables that connect to almost any smart device

tl;dr Doctor: Until February 15th, the Charge X charging cable is on sale for just $21.99 instead of $29 — that’s a 24% savings. choose from black(opens in a new tab)beige(opens in a new tab)or blue(opens in a new tab),

If you have multiple smart devices, chances are you’ll need a few different types of cables. Between an Android phone, a Samsung tablet, and a pair of AirPods, you might need cables for USB-C, Micro, and Lightning. Carrying a separate cable for each device is a bit impractical, but you may be able to get one that connects to all of them.

The InCharge X is an adjustable charging cable with a unique folding design that hides a variety of connectors for a ton of compatibility. You can get this multi-purpose cable(opens in a new tab) In black, beige or blue for only $21.99 (reg. $29).

a cable for almost anything

If you need a separate cable for each of your devices, it might be time to streamline. This adaptable Indiegogo-funded cable(opens in a new tab) This can be a simple way to make sure you keep your battery high without lugging around a pile of cables.

The InCharge X has four different connectors that you can switch between simply by folding either end of the cable or snapping them back into place. Take advantage of connectors for USB-A, USB-C, Micro, and Lightning devices(opens in a new tab), and each output has adjusted charging voltage to protect compatible equipment. Maximum output is 100W when plugged into a compatible AC adapter. Data transfer is impressively fast, with speeds reaching up to 480 Mbps.

If a cable is going to carry your entire team, you probably don’t want it to break in the middle of the workday. The InCharge is made from tough, flexible TPU plastic, braided nylon, and aramid fibers. This is the same plastic used to manufacture some Lego toys(opens in a new tab)and braided nylon is used in tow ropes(opens in a new tab), Plus, at only 2.8 inches long, you won’t have to worry about this cable getting tangled.

Save 24% on chargers for most modern devices

Connect your iPhone, iPad, Android, AirPods and Samsung tablet with a single cable. Get the Charge X charging cable in black(opens in a new tab)beige(opens in a new tab)or blue(opens in a new tab) For only $21.99 (reg. $29).

Prices are subject to change.

Charge X Charging Cable in Black

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charge x charging cable
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$21.99 on the Mashable Shop

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