The book Trump tried to stop from being published is massively pirated online

the room where it happenedAn upcoming memoir by ex-national security adviser John Bolton is a big thorn in the side of Donald Trump’s White House — so big, in fact, that the administration tried to stop it from being published(opens in a new tab),

It didn’t work, but it shouldn’t matter much, as the book is already available online on pirate sites, and is becoming quite a hit.

according to torrentfreak(opens in a new tab)The book was shared on several pirate portals including The Pirate Bay, where it topped the list of most downloaded books.

Mashable Image
“The Room Where It Happened” is very popular on The Pirate Bay.
credit: Mashable / The Piratebay

A pirated version of the book has also been shared on Twitter by a group called Distributed Denial of Secrets, although tweets (opens in a new tab)later removed after a takedown notice(opens in a new tab) ViacomCBS, which owns the book’s publisher, Simon & Schuster.

Although pirated copies of a book circulating freely aren’t exactly good news for the publisher, they are proof that even if a judge bans the book from publication, it will still be widely read. .

In fact, federal judge Royce Lamberth, who denied a motion to stop the book from being published, argues(opens in a new tab) that “a single dedicated individual with a book in hand could publish his material far and wide from his local coffee shop. With hundreds of thousands of copies around the world – many in newsrooms – the damage had been done Is.”

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The memoir, which is due to be officially revealed on Tuesday, described(opens in a new tab) Trump is regarded as “stunningly uninformed” and is heavily criticized for many of his foreign policy decisions. It was originally scheduled for a March release, but the launch was pushed back twice after the White House reviewed it because it contained classified information.

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