This 901-piece robot building kit is more than half

tl;dr Doctor: Until January 30, 2-in-1 remote and app-controlled robot building kit(opens in a new tab) It’s on sale for $129.99 – that’s 55% off its normal cost of $292.

STEM skills are more important than ever – and it’s easier than ever to learn them because kids these days have to build robots and control them with apps. And you can too. In fact, adults are buying terrible toys(opens in a new tab) And making huge profits for the toy companies. With this 2-in-1 Build A Robot kit, builders can get creative and clever, using the 901 available pieces to build the robo of their choice(opens in a new tab)Tee, for 55% off now through January 30.

Whether you want to build a car or design a tank on a track model, this robotics kit comes with a host of supplies to make your robot a reality. As you play and create, you’ll be exposed to coding concepts and some math, science, technology, and engineering skills. For young users, this introduction can start a lifetime of STEM learning essential to many modern fields. Stay at the forefront of society’s biggest innovations with what you learn from this toy.

Once it is created, you can control your robot with remote controller(opens in a new tab) Or through the app five different modes. Connect via Bluetooth to cycle through modes, including:

  • remote controlled

  • programming

  • path

  • voice control

  • gyroscope

With a range of up to 30 meters, builders can get good practice operating their robots from afar. Play time lasts up to 30 minutes, and with only 90 minutes of charge time, you can be back out there quickly with the robot.

Keeping safety in mind, the ABS plastic used is non-toxic. The robot kit is built to meet ASTM and CPSIA standards, with smooth surfaces and a rounded corner design that makes it safe for little hands. Kids ages 8 and up can have fun and learn with this robot-building kit—and that means you too, big kids.

It’s hard to put a price on learning, but if you’re shopping for your little robotics engineer-in-training, saving 55% on this kit can’t hurt. And that’s true if you’re shopping for your hobby interests. Get This 2-in-1, 901-Piece Robot Kit(opens in a new tab) For $129.99, down from the normal price of $292, until January 30th. Let’s face it, robots are downright cool—and becoming more relevant to our lives every day.

Prices are subject to change.

Robot Building Kit with App Control

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2-in-1 Remote and App-Controlled Robot Building Kit
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$129.99 on the Mashable Shop

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