This sleek mouse pad doubles as a wireless phone charger

tl;dr Doctor Get a Charging Stand and Mouse Pad All in One with the Numi™ Power Mat Plus(opens in a new tab) For $49.99, save 16% until August 29.

It’s easy for your workspace to become cluttered—especially when your workspace is a carved out corner of your kitchen counter, a makeshift setup in your bedroom, or that little old desk in your den. Those of us who are lucky enough to work from home are finding it a struggle these days to keep our work and everyday life separate. Between the lack of a legitimate office space and our families being home all day every day, it’s not hard to see why. Unfortunately, there’s no end in sight to the pandemic, so we’ll have to find a way to make our current setup work.

Pro tip: Even the tiniest upgrade can help de-clutter your workspace. Get Numi™ Power Mat Wireless Charging Mouse Pad(opens in a new tab) For example. Killing two birds with one stone, this sleek and smooth mouse pad does double duty as a Qi-certified wireless charger. Bomb.

The polyester tracking surface works with all mice for seamless sliding, gliding, and clicking. Meanwhile, the Sticky Pad Charge Target helps you know where to put your phone, and prevents it from sliding when you use your mouse. It sounds like magic, but the cutting-edge design can charge your device even faster with the 10W Qi-Certified Wireless Pad without worrying about overheating or overcharging. It is compatible with any Qi-compatible smartphone (iPhone 8 and above, Galaxy S6 and above, etc.) with or without a case.

Consider this your first step towards a more functional workspace; It’s okay to start small. By combining your phone-charging and mouse-gliding duties into one sleek pad, you’ll save space and eliminate some clutter. Plus, you’ll always know where your phone is, and at the end of your working day, it’ll always be in its perfect place.

Regularly $39, you can take 16% off for a limited time and get this multifunctional mouse pad for just $32.99(opens in a new tab),

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Numi™ Power Mat Plus: Wireless Charging Stand and Mouse Pad – $49.99
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