This translation pen is on sale for $74 off

tl;dr Doctor: Until December 20th, you can pick up the NEWYES Scan Reader Pen(opens in a new tab) For only $124.99 instead of $199 – that’s a 37% savings.

Sometimes, genius innovators knock new technology out of the park and develop inventions that seem out of this world.

Case in point: NEWYES Scan Reader is a state-of-the-art device that can translate up to 112 languages ​​quickly and accurately(opens in a new tab), And you can score it for almost 40% off for a limited time.

We’ve already covered this bad boy, but it’s on sale once again at an irresistible price point. NEWYES Scan Reader resembles a magic wand in the way it is designed to recognize 3000 characters per minute with a fast translation speed of 0.3 seconds and an accuracy rate of 98%. It lets you delve deeper into the reading material of your choice just by scanning, and it will provide translations almost instantly. Simply swipe it over the printed text, and the translation will appear directly on the device. You can even have it read text out loud to you in a human-like digital voice, making it a potentially great tool for people with dyslexia or reading disabilities.

But while it’s primarily designed as a scan reader, it also serves as a voice translator, dictionary, voice recorder, and even an MP3 player. Lost in a foreign country? You can find your way by recording your voice in your native language and having the device translate and read it back in the local language.

Scan reader capable of supporting 112 text translation and voice translation languages(opens in a new tab), 55 OCR languages ​​and 9 UI languages. This can be a useful tool for language learners, as the device is also capable of capturing and saving text for later review.

From conversing with locals abroad to reading a book in a language you don’t speak, NEWYES Scan Reader Pen 3 Text-to-Speech OCR Multilingual Translator(opens in a new tab) Have your back. It usually goes for $199, but you can get it on sale for just $124.99 — a savings of 37%.

Prices are subject to change.

Newyes Scan Reader Pen 3

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credit: NEWYES

NEWYES Scan Reader Pen 3
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$124.99 on Mashable Shop

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