Work hands-free with the Google Nest Hub smart display

tl;dr Dr: Control your day without lifting a finger with the Google Nest Hub smart display(opens in a new tab) For $89.99 at Lowe’s a $40 savings. (But hurry: This sale will only last until July 2.)

If you’re slowly but surely turning your home into a smart home, it really won’t be complete without some help from Google. They’ve gotten smarter than just the search bar and are bringing us helpful gadgets like the Nest Hub.

google nest hub(opens in a new tab) The hands-free is your ticket to control and organization. Using the Google Assistant, to complete tasks like making a shopping list, calling the doctor’s office, and even getting dinner ready by simply pulling up a recipe on its seven-inch touch screen Your voice is needed.

You can also use voice controls to command compatible lights, TVs, and even cameras. Nest works with over 5000 smart devices, so there should be no problem getting your smart home perfectly synced.

When you’re not using it at its productive best, use Live Album to turn it into a digital picture frame with photos from your favorite memories. Or you can blast your favorite tunes using YouTube Music, Spotify or Pandora.

What else? You’re in luck because the Nest Hub is $40 off at Lowe’s right now, making it only $89.99(opens in a new tab), But hurry up as the sale will only last till July 2.

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Google Nest Hub Smart Display – $89.99
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